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WHSU Was Eligible for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program
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Chinese Government Scholarship—Chinese University Program is a full scholarship established to support Chinese universities in specific provinces or autonomous regions to recruit outstanding international students for graduate studies in China. At present, a total of 221 Chinese universities are designated to undertake this program.
   A few days ago, Wuhan Sports University (WHSU) was approved by the Chinese Government Scholarship Program to enroll foreign students who apply for the master's or doctoral degree of WHSU. Since WHSU was approved by the Ministry of Education as a member of Chinese Government Scholarship Program in 2014, it has recruited 27 international students from 12 countries under this program. In the past five years, we have trained over 100 long-term and short-term international students. The approval of this year's independent enrollment quota is another major breakthrough in the recruit and training of international students. It not only marks that our efforts and exploration in training international students has been admired by the Ministry of Education, but also signifies that in terms of future enrollment of international students, WHSU is able to take the initiative to select the right talents, so as to promote the increase in the size of international students, especially the improvement of academic qualifications. It is of great significance for WHSU to expand its international influence, to improve the teaching quality, and to advance the internationalization of talents training. At present, there are 279 Chinese universities, including 6 provincial colleges and universities in Hubei Province, undertaking the training tasks of Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

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