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Optimistic about "One Belt and One Road”; Study in China to be More Attractive
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According to the Annual Report on theDevelopment of Chinese Students Studying Abroad (2015) releasedby the Center for China and Globalization (CCG), although themost popular destinations for many students studyingabroad remain English-speaking countries, China is expectedto attract more overseas students as the countries whomaintain active economic relations with China are drawing more andmore global attention.


The report points out that the regionsinvolved in the one belt and one road policy and Asian Infrastructure Investment Banks strategy are still quitestrange to many Chinese enterprises. Without a vast amountof reserve of talents, it will be difficultto realize the one belt and one road strategy. CCG Director Wang Huiyao said that interms of transnational enterprises, they mostly employ nativeworkers, therefore, to educate foreigners on Chinaand the Chinese culture is a good way to traintalents. Wang believes that encouraging bothstudents from foreign countries along the belt to study in Chinaand Chinese students to study abroad is an important basisfor talent cultivation and communication of the one belt and one road policy; overseas studyfunding of the policy and an increased input in overseaseducation will be the key to train internationaltalents for the implementation of the one-belt-one-roadstrategy.




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