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1. Medical service

All international students are required to have medical insurance in WSU (at least casualty insurance and medicare). International students who have bought medical insurance before coming to China shall pay attention to the coverage and usage of insurances.

As to specific medical treatments, medical procedure and the coverage of medical insurances, please refer to relevant documents.

(1) International freshmen who enter China with X visas shall go to Hubei Health Inspection and Quarantine Center for verification of physical examination upon arrival. Those who fail to pass the verification are required to go through another physical examination. Those who are not suitable for study because of certain disease shall return their countries immediately.

(2) The Chinese Government Scholarship students shall get their Medical Treatment Cards within the prescribed time at the office of the IES. With this card, they are entitled to public medical services in designated hospitals and enjoy the same free medical service as the Chinese students.

(3) Students need to register at registry of the university hospital or clinic and pay registry fee when they are seeing a doctor. Ordinary patients are expected to go to the university hospital during clinic hours for treatment. The emergency room is only available around the clock for acute disease.

(4) If a Chinese Government Scholarship student who needs to consult doctors in an off-campus hospital, he/she shall first get the permission of the university hospital and referral sheet. In that case, the student shall pay for the medical expenses by themselves first, and then, claim for part of the compensation for the medical costs at the insurance company’s office stationed at the campus hospital with the receipts, medical cards, campus card, and referral sheet, etc.  Students who see doctors outside of the university hospital without the permission of the hospital shall have to bear all the fees by themselves. For hospitalization off campus of Government Scholarship students recommended by the doctor or clinic of the university, the insurance company shall bear a certain amount of fees for treatment, medicine and bed in accordance with related regulations, while the students themselves shall pay all the catering expenses. Without prior permission from the university hospital or clinic, all the charges for hospitalization will have to be borne by the student him/herself.

In accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education of China, the self-funded students who will study in the Chinese universities for half a year or more will have to purchase the Comprehensive Medical Insurance (Casualty, Hospitalization Insurance and Death Insurance) each semester or academic year when they are registering. The insurance premium is non-refundable for dropouts.

(5) Both the scholarship and self-funded students will have to bear the outpatient expense by themselves. For the expense of hospitalization, they could claim for part of the compensation such as medical treatment, medicine and bed from insurance company with receipts and passport copy, etc. Please inform the office of the IES once you have to be hospitalized so that it could help you go through the formalities of settlement of claims.

(6If the student needs to be hospitalized for any reason, (including accidents or serious diseases), please contact the teacher of the IES office and promptly provide passport copy. We will help the student apply for advance payment by health insurance benefits (once completed, the student will not need to pay any fees. If the student pays a deposit while checking in at the hospital, the deposit will be refunded after checking out).

After it has been established that the student needs to stay in the hospital, he or she should provide the following information to Office 711:

Hospital name; Hospital admission number; Bed number; Department number; Senior doctor's name; Doctor's phone number.  

The following hospitals can accept advance payments by health insurance: Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University (Hubei General Hospital); Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology; and Union Hospital (Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology).

If the student goes to any other hospitals (public hospital), the advance payment method cannot be used. Once the student recovers and checks out, he or she can apply for health insurance benefits.

(7) International students should pay the expenses on such items as dentures, glasses, abortion, nutriment, tonics and some medicines that cannot be applied for reimbursement according to relevant regulations.

(8) Anyone who violates laws and regulations leading to accidental injuries shall be responsible for all the subsequent expenses.

2. Security Service

Security Personnel is arranged to be on duty for 24 hours in international student apartment so as to provide the students with all-day-round security service.

In line with the Chinese laws and the requirements from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, please carry passports and identification documents with you when you are away from campus or your lodgings in case of the police’s check at any time. Please cooperate with the police initially and show your passports and identification documents to them if you are questioned. Do not stymie the police to perform their duties on purpose, otherwise, you will receive penalty from the police.  

We would like to remind you to pay special attention to your personal safety and property security everywhere all the time. Please take good care of your important items such as passport, credit card, cash, mobile phone, laptop, etc. especially in crowded areas such as shops and buses. Since WSU is located at traffic arteries with busy traffic, please obey traffic rules and pay attention to traffic safety when you are going out.

Once anything unexpected happens, please call the police promptly and inform the IES, and we will offer you help in time.

Alarm Calls are as follows:

Public Security Emergency: 110  

Fire Alarm: 119

Traffic Accident: 122

First-Aid Station: 120

3. Reservation for Train Tickets and Flight Tickets

Train and plane are ideal vehicles for long-distance travel in China. Generally, there are four grades in train: hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper; there are also three grades in plane: economy class, business class and first class. Many Chinese and foreign tourists would like to choose economical and comfortable hard sleeper or economy class. Ticket-delivery-to-doorsteps service is generally available in train and flight ticket agency. As an international student, you can also enjoy the preferential price of air ticket which varies with the seasons. The telephone number of ticket agency on campus is 008627-88386887.

4. Transportation

(1) Wuchang railway station: Take No.518 Bus to Majiazhuang Bus Stop.

(2) Hankou Railway Station: Take Subway Line 2 to Guangbutun and transfer to any of No. 510, 518, 702, 536, 709, 59, 401 Bus to Majiazhuang or take No. 536 Bus to Majiazhuang Bus Stop from Hankou Railway Station.

(3) Wuhan Railway Station: Take Subway Line 4 to Hongshan Square and transfer to Line 2 to Guangbutun, then take any of No. 510, 518, 702, 536, 709, 59, 401 Bus to Majiazhuang. Or you many take No.540 Bus to Dingziqiao and then transfer to No.583 to Majiazhuang.

(4) Fujiapo Coach Station: Take No.593 Bus to the Majiazhuang.

(5) Wuhan Tianhe Airport: Take airport limousine to Fujiapo coach station and then transfer to No.593 Bus to the Majiazhuang; or you may take airport limousine to Guanggu and then take a taxi to the university.

Tips: 2 Yuan fuel surcharge is needed besides the amount shown on the meter when you take a taxi in Wuhan.

5. Extracurricular activities and vacation tours

In the university, there are sports venues and equipment for football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, tennis, table tennis, track and field and the like. International students can use these facilities according to relevant rules. International students can also join in associations, sports teams and participate in other recreational activities organized by the student union of the university, and they are welcomed to participate in celebrating activities held by the university on important festivals.

Sports meeting will be held periodically. The IES will organize a team to take part in the competition so as to help them make their body strong and make their extracurricular life rich and active.

The university will designedly organize cultural study tours for international students every year so as to make international students know more about China and this city. Please do not ask for leave for a travel during study period. The university will subsidize scholarship students for annual field trips; those who fail to participate without good reasons shall not enjoy this subsidy. Self-funded students will have to bear all expenses by themselves in principle.

6. Other Notices about Studying and Living in China

(1) International students’ activities should be for the purpose of learning and friendship without intervening in China's internal affairs or illegally obtaining employment. Any activity shall not impede the normal social order in China, infringe rights of other people, or endanger China's national security and interests.

(2) Every international student has the right of religious freedom. The university respects the national customs and religious beliefs of international students, but does not provide places of religious rituals. It is forbidden to preach or hold religious gatherings on campus. And no one is allowed to force others to profess a religion or change religious beliefs.

(3) International students who drive motor vehicles must hold a valid driving license and go through driving formalities in accordance with Chinese laws. In order to pass the school gate, they should transact motor vehicle permits in the security office of the university. International students’ bicycles should be placed at designated locations; the security office of the university will take over those bicycles which are placed at wrong places, especially when they obstruct the fire fighting access.  

(4) International students are prohibited to distribute, post or exhibit promotional materials on campus, as well as show films or videos without permission.

(5) Students who need to hold activities out of acceptable reasons such as significant festivals shall get the permission of the university, which will designate a special person to take charge of the activities. Students shall not hold activities without the permission of the university. International students should obey the following rules when they are holding activities:

Hold at the sites designated by the university.

End before 23:00.

Only international students and other students of the university are allowed to participate in the activities. It is forbidden to invite outsiders without permission.

(6) You’d better ask the driver for invoice so as to find forgotten items if necessary when taking a taxi; please ask the salesperson for invoice so as to exchange or return goods if there is any quality problem after buying valuable goods in stores.

(7) International students can go traveling in the areas open to foreigners according to the regulations of Chinese government with valid visas or residence permit. Without permission, they should not enter the areas closed to foreigners. Anyone who breaks the rule will be subjected to penalty in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Management of the Aliens.

(8) The university will be closed during winter vacation and summer vacation; therefore, students who need to apply for re-entry visas, extension of residence permit and other procedure, please handle them at the office of the IAO before holidays.

9In case of sickness, injuries or hospitalization that involve the reimbursement of medical fees during study years in China, please contact immediately the IES027-87190910and Insurance Company 400-8105119 or 010-67185217.

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