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History Making: WHSU Secures Its First National Teaching Achievement Award
Date:2023-08-01  Click:

The Ministry of Education has recently issued the “Decision on the Approval of National Teaching Achievement Award Winners”, officially announcing the recipients of the 2022 National Teaching Achievement Award. WHSU has attained a significant achievement, clinching the second prize in the basic education category with its exemplary program “Baby Kung Fu: Specialized Physical Education Curriculum Development and Practice”. This noteworthy feat represents a historic breakthrough for the university, as it claims its first-ever national teaching achievement award.

Led by Lyu Wanguang, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee and President of WHSU, this program is centered on the distinctive characteristics of physical education of the university and committed to promoting physical education in alignment with the CPC Central Committee’s focus on children’s health. With a focus on children aged 3–8 years old, the program utilizes traditional Chinese sports such as wushu, dragon and lion dance, pitch-pot, and archery to promote fine traditional Chinese culture and education with the ultimate objective of nurturing “kung fu babies” who embody the characters of strength, resilience, grace, and indomitable spirit. Over the course of nearly a decade, the program has undergone extensive exploration and implementation, resulting in the establishment of a robust “three-stage” curriculum and comprehensive teaching materials system. It has also successfully cultivated a “diversified” practice environment and trained a cadre of highly skilled instructors. The program’s positive impact has extended to 51 cities across 17 provinces, where it has reached over 800 kindergartens and elementary schools, nurturing over 100,000 “kung fu babies”. This remarkable achievement has garnered attention from about 100 mainstream media outlets, including and the “Hubei Daily”.

The National Teaching Achievement Award, established by the Ministry of Education, serves as the highest honor bestowed upon collectives and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional teaching accomplishments. It aims to both motivate educators to actively engage in educational and teaching research and raise the standard and excellence of teaching. This award exemplifies the apex of educational and teaching endeavors in China. In this year’s teaching achievement award, our university has achieved unprecedented success in its history, securing 1 national award and 10 provincial awards. Among these accolades are 3 first prizes, 1 second prize, and 5 third prizes (including 1 third prize for WHSU as the second unit). Furthermore, a cooperative achievement has earned the special prize of Gansu Provincial Teaching Achievement Award for Basic Education.

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