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WHSU Held the Grand Class of 2023 Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony
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On the morning of June 16, WHSU held the grand class of 2023 graduation and degree awarding ceremony in the stadium.

The ceremony was attended by Chen Jiping, Secretary of the Party Committee of WHSU, Lyu Wangang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President, Zhang Biao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President, Zhu Jianzhong, Secretary and Supervisor of the Committee for Discipline Inspection, Wang Zhiqiang, Liu Yanbo, Zhu Lei, and Pan Gaofeng, members of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice Presidents, as well as heads of WHSU's departments and schools, faculty representatives, alumni representatives, and parent representatives, to jointly witness the graduation of the class of 2023, marking the commencement of a new journey of all the graduates.

The graduation ceremony was presided over by Chen Jiping, Secretary of the Party Committee of WHSU.

All the attendees stood and sang the Chinese anthem respectfully. Accompanied by the solemn anthem, the graduation and degree awarding ceremony kicked off.

Lyu Wangang delivered a speech, during which he expressed his hope for all the graduates to pursue their dreams bravely, firmly, optimistically and heroically, practicing WHSU's motto of "Fair Play, Courage, Honesty, Perseverance, Critical Thinking and Acting" whenever and wherever, in good times or bad times; to face up to ups and downs with an open mind, and handle losses and difficulties tolerantly; to keep to their original commitments no matter how far and how difficult it may be; to stay clear-headed about trivialities of life, and not to be misled by those harsh comments; to aim high and work hard, put what they have learned at school to practice, cultivate love for their family and country, embrace dreams and be down-to-earth, be bold and also good at thinking and taking actions to make achievements, and to live their wonderful life while undertaking the mission of contributing to the national prosperity and rejuvenation.

He said that the plants, trees, tables and chairs in WHSU, bearing the legacy of time, will accompany all the graduates in their future life. For all those bidding farewell to the university, the alma mater will continue to care, support, and share their joy and sorrow, no matter where they are. When they feel tired, they are always welcomed back here. The alma mater always keeps her door open to all of those who have spent their youth in diligent learning here. He also hoped the graduates to stay connected to their alma mater, care about and support her development, and add glory to her.

Zhang Biao presented The Decision of WHSU on Commending Class of 2023 Outstanding Graduates.

Wang Zhiqiang read out The Decision of WHSU on Awarding Doctorate Degrees to Four Doctoral Students Represented by Wang Huili and Master's Degrees to 683 Students Represented by Wu Zhiheng.

Pan Gaofeng declared The Decision of WHSU on Awarding Bachelor's Degrees to 2,782 Students Represented by Yang Qixu.

WHSU leaders conferred awards to outstanding graduate representatives.

Professor Huang Li from the School of Physical Education, on behalf of the faculty, made a speech, saying that sports are an important source of dopamine and endorphins for us, and makes us happy all the time. She inherited the undertaking of sports from her father, and she has “run for 30 years on and on”, holding this baton in her hand. Today, the baton of sports has been handed over to the graduates. She wished the graduates could do a really good job in their turn! In the future, when facing adversity or prosperity, the graduates should keep shining as much as they can like the brightest star in the night sky, remember the pains and also remember to constantly unleash their glow and wisdom, seize trends and opportunities, and work hard with their utmost strength!

Kang Zixin from the School of Sports Medicine gave a speech on behalf of the class of 2023 bachelor graduates. She said that she still remembers the earliest days of entering the university, when everyone, excited and somewhat uneasy, visioned for all the possibilities of the future. Now standing at the intersection of graduation and looking back, they have been exploring all the way and working so hard to make self-improvement. As graduates who are setting off to embrace their careers, they should cultivate profound love for their family and country, foster an enterprising personality, and aim to be excellent young adults in the new era who are aspiring in work, daring to take responsibility, and willing to struggle and endure hardships. Living up to the times and their youth, the graduates should keep to their natural kindness and stride forward to pursue their dreams, so that their youth would bloom brilliantly in the great undertaking of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

Lin Shuting from the School of Economics and Management shared her feelings and experiences of studying and living in WHSU on behalf of the class of 2023 master graduates. She said that the end of her school days is not the end of her study. The students of WHSU are bound to be enthusiastic about life and courageous to make a new start. Holding the alumni cards in hand,the graduates should stick to the fighting spirit and belief of WHSU in work or in further studies, try their best to bring glory to what they love with full enthusiasm, and seek opportunities in challenging adventures.

Zhang Yi, an alumnus of the class of 2008, and winner of titles including Advanced Worker of the National Culture and Tourism System, "Advanced Individual" and "Outstanding Guide" of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China, and "Guide with Five Merits" of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, spoke on behalf of the alumni. She recalled her unforgettable days in WHSU, and shared her work experience as a museum guide. In the four years of studying in the university, she not only laid a solid professional foundation, learned a lot from the earnest instructions of the teachers, and gained the precious friendship with classmates, but also cultivated traits that continue to nurture her life. WHSU's motto of "Fair Play, Courage, Honesty, Perseverance, Critical Thinking and Acting" drives her forward as a continuous source of spiritual strength. The sportsmanship of being aggressive and the teamwork capability also help her grow rapidly in both mindset and actual competence. She hoped the graduates, in whatever positions of their future career, to implement the connotation of the motto with practical actions.

WHSU leaders conferred letters of appointment to the ambassadors of alumni liaison.

Graduate representatives presented gifts to WHSU.

WHSU leaders turned the tassel for the graduates.

At 7:00 on that morning, WHSU leaders, the graduates of 2023, and faculty representatives gathered on the football field by the lake to take a group photo. We walk step by step along the long journey, and we express our deepest feelings in light words.

We met in autumn and bid farewell in summer. The ocean-like future and the long days ahead await us! Today, all the graduates are commencing on a new journey, bearing deep expectations and sincere wishes. May this journey be bright and prosperous, and may our reunion as merry as always.

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