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Wonderful Moments in WHSU 2022 Sports Sessions!
Date:2022-11-07  Click:

The 2022 Sports Sessions of WHSU were observed between Nov. 5th and 6th in West Track & Field. It was a quadrennial feast where various events from track sports to field sports were organized. Let's review the wonderful moments of this year's feast!

When the air gun was triggered, the athletes jumped to his feet like a shot arrow, having a strong desire to win this men's 100 meters race.

In the javelin competition, the athletes had a strong will and determination to win honor for their schools.

In the high jump competition, the athletes exemplify the spirit of higher, faster and stronger.

In the long jump competition, the sports fields became places for athletes to display their athletic talents and push beyond their limits.

From November 5th to 6th, the 2022 Sports Sessions of WHSU was successfully held. We saw the vigor of every WHSUer, from whom the positive value and youthful spirit were embodied, making this year's sessions memorable days.

Written by Zhang Dan.

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