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Opening Ceremony of 2022 Sports Sessions Held
Date:2022-11-05  Click:

On Nov. 5th, the opening ceremony of 2022 Sports Sessions was held in West Track & Field. Secretary Zhu Jianzhong, Vice President Zhang Biao, Wang Zhiqiang, Liu Yanbo, Zhu Lei and heads of all the departments and colleges attended.

Representatives of different schools walked into sports field.

National Flag Guards escorted the flag into field.

Vice President Zhu Lei presided over the ceremony and made a speech.

Athlete representative, Liao Xuan took an oath.

Referee representative, Liu Wendi took an oath.

Vice President Zhang Biao announced the start of the Sports Sessions.

The spirit of higher, faster and stronger lit the atmosphere and all faculty and students gain happiness through participation and collaboration.

Written by Zhang Dan.

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