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Embrace Sweet Osmanthus Blossoms in WHSU
Date:2022-10-06  Click:

As it gets cooler, sweet osmanthus bloom in the autumn sun. Their blossom and fragrance animate WHSU, rendering the campus a wonderland.

In autumn breeze, osmanthus are fragrant and blooming. They hide in dark green leaves, like a group of naughty fairies. The four petals of each flower are holding each other tightly. Their golden buds twinkle like little stars, giving people infinite reverie.

The glamour of osmanthus flowers holds great appeal for many creatures. Bees are occupied collecting nectar while birds are singing merrily amid osmanthus groves. The thriving view attracts WHSUers lingering around to take photos and enjoy the sweet scents.


It’s widely acknowledged that osmanthus flowers symbolize auspiciousness and harvest. Hopefully ,WHSUers can strive for what they want and obtain satisfactory results in this autumn.

Written by Zhang Dan.

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