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2022 Graduation Gala and Commencement Ceremony Held
Date:2022-06-27  Click:

On Monday, June 27th, a majestic gala was held at Stadium to celebrate the graduation of the 2022 class. It was broadcast live on the Internet and watched by thousands of people simultaneously online.

The ceremony was held by Chairman of University Council Chen Jiping.

President Lv Wangang delivered a speech to expressed sincere congratulations to the 2022 graduates.

Yin Chengxin, as a representative of teacher, wished all the graduates to forge ahead on the new journey and strive for achievements in their vigorous youth.

Two representatives of graduates delivered their commencement speeches about their memories of unforgettable days in WHSU.

Zhou Dan, as a representative of outstanding Alumnus, expected the graduates to try their utmost to be the youth of the new era that bear both family and nation in hearts.


Everyone was deeply immersed in the warm atmosphere of the scene.

The graduation gala and ceremony together with all the unforgettable moments are surely fixed in our minds and hearts.

Written by Zhang Dan.

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