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Guan Chenchen triumphs in women's balance beam final at Tokyo Olympics
Date:2021-08-04  Click:

China's Guan Chenchen clinched gold medals in women's balance beam at Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday.

16-year-old Guan, a balance beam specialist, topped the competition in 14.633 points, trailed by her teammate Tang in 14.233 points.

She finished first in 14.933 in qualification and was the last to compete on the apparatus in the final. With a 6.600-difficulty routine, she secured the third gymnastics gold for China.

"I actually never expected that I would get a medal. My coach said, 'this is your first time in the Olympics and no one knows you so just go in and do your best,'" Guan said after the final.

Guan had been training in Wuhan Sports University at an early age.

Written by Zhang Dan.

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