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Two new international routes to open
Date:2019-04-08  Click:

Fu Sha ChangjiangWeekly

The civil aviation summer and autumn flight season starts on March 31, and China Southern Airlines will open more Wuhan departure routes and promote the construction of the Wuhan Tianhe International Airport as an international aviation hub in Central China.

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport   Photo by Zhan Song

The passenger capacity of its domestic routes has increased by 20 percent, hitting a record high. In terms of international routes, China Southern Airlines plans to launch direct flights from Wuhan to Istanbul in May, and Wuhan to New York in July this year.

In addition, China Southern also plans to increase the direct flights from Wuhan to Dubai to four flights every week from June 16 onward. These international routes will increase the convenience of economic, trade and personnel exchanges between Wuhan and other parts of the world.

As for domestic routes, China Southern plans to open new direct flights from Wuhan to Xining, Lanzhou, Jinan, Yinchuan, Hailar, Hohhot, and other routes, and add more flights to routes from Wuhan to Dalian, Chongqing and Ningbo.

Domestic Self-service Check-in at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport  Photo by Zhan Song

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