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The Inter-American Open University was convened by the National Interuniversity Council (CIN) to participate in the " First Higher Education China Fair" , which took place in the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires.

23 universities in the People's Republic of China attended the Fair, among which are the La Beihang University; Beijing Language and Culture University; Central China Normal University; Peking University; Wuhan Institute of Physical Education (WIPE) , among others.

The organization of the Fair was in charge of the Scholarship Council of China, the National Interuniversity Council, the University of Buenos Aires, CLEPEC and ADEBAC, with the support of the Ministries of Education of both countries.

The event allowed Argentine students to get to know the Chinese higher education system and explore opportunities for study in that country and scholarships through the Scholarship Council of China . On the other hand, the Houses of Higher Studies of Argentina invited to this event, had the opportunity to develop bilateral meetings with Argentine universities for the search of interuniversity cooperation and former fellows shared the experience of their passage through the distant Asian country.

From left to right: Prof. Yang Mei, Dean and Party Secretary of the Faculty of International Education (WIPE); Mr. Wang Shenggang, General Secretary of the Scholarship Council of China; Lic. Ezequiel Mateo Martinich, Cooperator of the Department of International Cooperation (UAI); Prof. Lyu Wangang (WIPE); Ing. Luis E. Franchi, Vice Rector of Extension (UAI) and Secretary of WIPE (Wuhan Institute of Physical Education).

In parallel, various activities were developed, including a working space with the Ministry of Education of China in the Vera Peñaloza Room of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of our country, where they attended the Chinese side Ms. An Yan , Director of Student Affairs; Mr. Wang Shenggang, General Secretary; Ms. Yang Ye, Director of the Division of Student Affairs and Mr. Wang Guopeng, Program Officer of the Scholarship Council and on the Argentine side, theLic. Marina Larrea (Coordinator of the PIESCI); Lic. Gonzálo Ortíz de Zárate (DINTE, Chancellor); the Mg. Francisco Miguens Campos (DNCI, Director); the Abog. Paulo Falcón (DNGU, Director); Eng. Luis E. Franchi (Vice-Chancellor UAI, representative CRUP);Lic. Ezequiel Mateo Martinich (Commission RRII, CRUP); Lic. Andrea Hassen (Commission RRII, CRUP) Lic. Guillermo Tangelsson (RedCiun); Lic. Marcelo Federico (Coordinator of the Bilateral Relations Program DNCI) and Lic. Lorena Yaber (Coordinator of International Scholarships) .

The meeting was led by the head of the DNCI, Francisco Miguens Campos, who, after thanking and signifying the link with China, addressed issues such as mobility, promotion, agreement of recognition of training paths between both countries, reciprocal scholarships.

The authorities of China and Argentina from different areas linked to Higher Education in the meeting held in the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology of Argentina.

Although the meeting had an eminently protocolar preliminary spirit, the work that Argentine universities are carrying out in order to generate greater inter-institutional ties that develop more cooperation and training opportunities for both China and Argentina was vindicated.

Closing of the meeting where Eng. Luis E. Franchi and Lic. Ezequiel Mateo Martinich participated .

These spaces of educational cooperation between Argentina and China constitute an important component of the relations between both countries, being fairs like these those that allow to narrow even more the exchange and the cooperation currently in development.

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