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Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with International Friends
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August 15th of the lunar calendar was the Mid-Autumn Festival,a traditional Chinese festival.The Mid-Autumn Festival was a rich and colorful cultural heritage.In order to let international students feel the warmth of family in China,experience Chinese culture deeply,and spend an unforgettable Chinese traditional festival,on the afternoon of Sept 24th,the leaders and teachers of the school of international education celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with Chinese and international students.

   Through the introduction of video,the students learned about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival and many customs,such as watching the moon,lantern riddles,moon cakes,tide watching and so on.Chinese traditional allusions related to the Mid-Autumn Festival,such as Chang E flying to the moon,immersed the students.The international students were interested in the profound Chinese culture and its beautiful legends.    

   Leaders of the school sent greetings to international students.Chinese and international students gathered together to taste moon cakes,while chatting happily about the differences of culture and the life of international students after they came to China.

   The international students watched the video and tasted sweet moon cakes.Although they came from all over the world,the gathering at that moment seemed to enable them to find a sense of belonging.

   Li Daoyuan: “Chinese moon cakes are very delicious.”

   Ma Rui: “I like the Mid-Autumn Festival in China very much,and there are many traditional festivals in the future,such as the Spring Festival,I am looking forward to it!”

the Mid-Autumn Festival Message

Looking to the bright moon at this time

Enjoy the festival with each other

Mid-Autumn Festival

We are gathered here

In a variety of forms

Together with us

Infinite love for life

A beautiful vision for the future

Students in school of international education

I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival .

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