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Culture Week | Establishing Friendship through Fun Games, Working Together to Forge Ahead
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Cultural Week Series was held at 12:00 noon on June 7th - Fun Games was held in Xitian. Representative teams of Class of 2016, Class of 2017, and the team of international students attended this Fun Games. Yang Mei, dean of the School of International Education, Liu Yongdong, deputy dean, and counselors Dong Yue and Ma Haozhe came to watch this game.

Built Bridge to Cross the River: Passed the pad from one person to another at the fastest pace


At the beginning of the game, the students on the "bridge tail" quickly bent over to pick up the pads, passed it forward, and then quickly changed positions from front to back. The sophomores gradually became proficient in this game, and they did it faster than the freshman team and the international student team.

As time passed by, the international student team took advantage of their flexible body to accelerate their speed. In the second half of the game, the three teams spared no efforts to win the game, and everyone on the field screamed and cheered. Finally, the freshman team won the championship! They worked tirelessly, and they developed a tacit understanding in passing the pad.

Concentric drums: Ambushed on all sides, worked together to win

   Before the competition, five people in a team started the warm-up exercises with the red drums. The international student team succeeded in setting a record of three consecutive hits. It was the best result of the three teams at present.  The freshman team and sophomore team also constantly adjusted their tactics and explored the methods during the game.


Then the game officially began, the students were in high spirits, staring at the trajectory of football, using both hands and feet! Sophomores constantly accumulated the number of hits, and the freshmen become more and more skilled.

Only fifteen seconds left! Ten! Five! Four... Three... Two... One! Competition was over!

In the end, the freshman team won the first place with 89 hits! The international student team won the second place with a gap of 7 hits.

The tug-of-war: Three teams competed with each other, who was the champion?

The classic game was about to begin. At this moment, the field was divided into three parts by the long ropes.

   In the first round, the freshman team was in the north, the sophomore team was in the west, and the international student team was in the east. Every teammate was nervously arranged in battle formations. After a whistle, the audiences were cheerful and shouted.


It was a long-lasting battle! The battlefield was deadlocked. Suddenly a burst of exclamation, the international student team was only a stone's throw away from the victory! All of a sudden, the situation changed! The sophomore team succeeded in counterattack, and won the first round! Then it entered a short intermission! The three teams changed their positions, and they summed up the experience and re-deployed their formations. After a while, the sophomore team was dragged by the freshman team and the international student team to the northeast. The situation was urgent and dangerous! The international student team suddenly made a collective effort and quickly ended the game and won the first place!


The happy time is always short. In the laughers, the fun games of this week were over. But in this short period, we worked hard together, swayed the sweat, ran on the same field, everyone's smile was so sincere, their hearts were close to each other. It was a small sports meeting in the gymnasium, and a small sports meeting for the people of the world.

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