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Culture Week | International Tour
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The 5th International Cultural Week held by the School of International Education is in full swing. Let's take a look at the differences between China and the Western countries and the foreign cultures.

Tour to the UK and Australia

If you like the stone- cold gentleman style of life, the United Kingdom is the right place for you. Additionally, the United Kingdom is a gathering place for world-famous universities, such as Cambridge, Oxford, St. Andrews University, etc.

   Many Chinese students study in the UK, but it is difficult for foreign students to blend in with this country. From the perspectives of cultural traditions, etc., close friends or strangers are very polite, making you feel a sense of distance, which is not easy for Chinese friends to adapt. However, in terms of academic professionalism, the education quality of the UK is top-notch, and you will benefit a lot by studying here.

   Coming to Australia, this is the paradise on earth. It has not suffered major wars or natural disasters, and it is a continent that wanders alone on the ocean. Australia has excellent environment: The climate is pleasant and the light is abundant, and the flora and fauna are rich in species and have a long history; Australia advocates freedom: Beach parties and flip-flops are found everywhere, which reflect the casual attitude of Australians. It is worth mentioning that the cities on the east coast of Australia has the top 100 universities in the world, and the entry threshold of these universities is lower than that of other universities in other countries. But it is very tough to obtain degrees from these universities.

The Belt and Road Initiative and Minority Language

   With the proposal of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, China’s links with some minority-language countries in the Middle East and southern Europe have become increasingly close, and the demand for related talents has also increased greatly.

   What are the minority languages, what are their future applications, and how to develop a plan to learn minority languages ... These questions will be answered one by one in the lecture.

Sino-US differences

The lectures compared the differences between China and the United States in terms of diet, personality, interpersonal relationships, education, and so on. The open and freedom of the United States is not that exaggerated as we imagine. Freedom brings both good and bad to the American people. The same is true for Chinese students studying in the United States. In the United States, you have no professional restrictions, which means it is possible for you to study a different major. The innovative learning mode is more likely to yield academic fruits, but for Chinese students who are accustomed to being instructed, it is difficult for them to accept this mode in short time. If you don't adapt to it, you will have difficulty in your studies, but as long as you adjust to it, it will open you a new door to learning. If you want to enter a higher education institution, the score will not be the only criterion. The multi-standard entry threshold will make you shine in the field you are good at.

   After a week of "International Tour", the students learned the way of contacting, viewing things, treating different cultures, and grasped a deeper understanding of the application of different cultures to enrich themselves. Hopefully, the International Cultural Week would benefit you.

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