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There Is No National Boundary for Sports, and the Hearts of Chinese and Indian Youths Are Closely Connected
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   From April 27th to 28th, President Xi Jinping held an informal meeting with Indian Prime Minister Modi in Wuhan. In order to implement the Sino-Indian Joint Statement and the spirit of the informal meeting between the leaders of the two countries, to enhance the exchanges, understanding and friendships between the youths of the two countries, on the afternoon of July 7, the Indian youth delegation was invited to visit our school. Our teachers and students expressed warm welcome to the delegation and conducted friendly exchanges with Indian youth in various aspects.

   The delegation visited our Water Training Center, Physical Training Hall, SlamBall Training Center, Champion Court, Sports Function and Sports Biochemistry Laboratory. During the visit to the SlamBall Training Center, our students conducted a wonderful performance for the Indian youth delegation. The audiences highly appreciated the performers. Indian youths also experienced our daily training facilities, such as the dynamometer and elliptical trainer for boating.

An Indian young man told the accompanying staff in proficient Chinese, "The sports atmosphere here is very strong, the students are very positive. I believe China's sports industry is bound to be more brilliant with such good sport universities.”

   In the following symposium, the Chinese and Indian youths exchanged views on hot topics they concerned. Indian youth representative Venai Kumar said in the exchange that he was very happy to have the opportunity to come to Wuhan, where Xi Jinping and Modi conducted the exchange meeting, as a representative of India. He deemed that both China and India are big countries with a large population, so the exchanges between young people are very important. They can learn from each other and learn about the latest culture and development of the two countries. He also hoped to share what he had seen and heard in China with his Indian friends, and to maintain the friendly relations between China and India.

As the host, the teachers and students of WHSU prepared a series of wonderful professional performances, such as dragon and lion dances, martial arts, sports dances, ethnic dances, Tai Chi, China wrestle, classical dance, cheer-leading, etc., for the Indian youth delegation. These cultural performances manifested the essence of Chinese traditional cultures to Indian youths, making them excited.

Vice-President Wang Zhiqiang held talks with Raja En, Director of the Indian Youth Affairs Bureau and Youth Affairs Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of Sports, and presented gifts to each other.

   General Secretary Xi said that China and India are two ancient civilizations with thousands of years of friendly exchanges with each other, two important neighbors who have joined hands to achieve national independence, and two great nations committed to achieving the goal of powerful rejuvenation. It is of an ever-lasting undertaking to inherit the friendships between China and India. The visit of the Indian youth delegation has enhanced the exchanges and understanding between the Chinese and Indian youths and promoted the steady development of China-India friendship.

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