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International Students Seek Taoism in Wudang Mountain
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South Shaolin, north Wudang. I'm so happy to have a chance to visit such famous historical sites during my two-year study in China ", said Ruan Ruicheng, a foreign student in Wuhan Sports University. From October 15 to October 18, our international students funded by Chinese government scholarship, under the leadership of School of International Education, have been to the Wudang Mountain to experience the profound beauty of Taoist religion, music and architecture, to appreciate the essence of the "combination of hardness and softness" of Tai Chi, and to feel the genuine charm of Xuanwu.

The cultural experience consists of two parts: the Wudang Taoist palace and temple tour, and martial arts and Taoist teaching.

Guided by the tour guides and teachers, the foreign students visited the famous palaces and temples of Wudang Mountain, such as the South Rock Palace, Purple Cloud Palace and the Golden Roof and so on. Looking synoptically at the ancient architectural complexes of the Wudang Mountain, it gathers the model of the ancient Chinese architecture, embodies the magnificent palaces, the Taoism mysterious magic, the quiet and elegant gardens, the simple and frugal folks and other characteristics, forming a rich and colorful traditional architectural style. The construction of the palaces and temples takes full advantage of the original landscape, so that each building unit is built in the peaks, mountains, rocks, streams at the appropriate location, which makes the building and the surrounding environment organically integrated into one, now appearing and now disappearing, now open and now covert in the clouds and mists. This visit to the palaces and temples gave the foreign students an intuitive understanding of Taoism's "Respect for nature" thinking. They were in high spirits, asked questions enthusiastically and were deeply attracted and inspired by the Chinese culture.

In addition, a few local Taoist priests of the Wudang Mountain  were invited to explain the Taoism culture and practice martial arts to the foreign students. The Taoist priests used Chinese ancient instruments, such as clarinet, Xiao and Guqin, to bring an ancient Taoist music feast to the foreign students. Accompanied by melodious guqin sound, priest Yang led the students to recite the scriptures of "Quietness" and "Heart Sutra", so that the students can immersively feel the charm of Taoisms peace and quietness.

The highly expected Tai Chi practice in this trip was carried out under the patient instruction of priest Yang. The students wore uniforms, followed priest Yang, looking focused, with the convergence of spirits, eliminated distractions, demonstrated gas sink, and through the Tai Chi line of work, allowing students to feel the breath amidst the opening and closing of the body, the dynamic and static and the illusory and actual situation. The Taoisms spirits of "quiet, natural, simple, gentle, no contending, good like water" were manifested in such dynamic work of Tai Chi, pointing directly to the origin of Tai Chi.

The four-day Wudang Mountain cultural experience activities have left the foreign students a comprehensive and in-depth impression of Chinese Taoist culture and the Tai Chi martial arts, which has been well received by the foreign students.  This Wudang Mountain cultural experience activity is part of the "Chinese Culture Learning Experience Course" designed for the foreign students in Wuhan Sports University, following the Jing-Chu culture study, the Central Plains culture visit, Xi'an cultural visit.  It not only cultivated the interest of foreign students in the Chinese culture, but also deepened their recognition and identification of our Chinese culture.

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