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The Chinese Competition for Overseas Students
Date:2016-11-08  Click:


  The Chinese competition for overseas students was held in the second lecture hall at 7pm, November 2nd. A large number of students were present at the competition along with the President Yang Mei and Vice Secretary Zhong Qiyu; Ma Haozhe, He Xi and Li Jing also attended the competition. The final champion went to contestant No.6---Chen Wenjin from Vietnam, Goaba from Botswana and Wang Mei from Bengal got the second place; the third place went to Yidnie and Fan Shiqing, who came from Ethiopia and Vietnam respectively.

 After a brief opening ceremony, Vice Secretary Zhong announced the start of the competition. Contestants were divided into Primary group and Intermediate group. The competition was combined with 6 parts--- Pinyin, words and making sentences for Primary group, words, making sentences and tongue twister for Intermediate group, and situational dialogue for both groups.

 With the efforts of all the overseas students, there will definitely be more students on the stage to show their Chinese and their love for China next year.    

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