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The International Cooking Competition
Date:2016-11-08  Click:

On 11 a.m. October 31st,  2016, Intentional education week of Wuhan sports university day 2 activity ------International Gourmet Festival opening ceremony was held in front of the Aoxing yuan canteen.  

University Provost Mr. Wang zhiqiang, International Education College party secretaries Mr. Tian zhihui, dean of International Education College Ms. Yang mei, deputy director of International Exchanges Mr. Tian zhaofeng, deputy secretaries of International Education College Mr. Zhong qiyu and Mr. Ma haozhe attended the ceremony. The atmosphere came alive with crowds of people.

The ceremony contained 3 parts: Addressing from Leaders, representatives of foreign students speech and a bite of global food taste.There were foreign students from Vietnam, Turkey and Bangladesh totally 13 countries displayed food in the exhibition. The whole campus people could taste the food, experience the culture difference of western countries. Besides that, they could also vote for the food they like the most.

We invited some excellent Campus Top Ten Singers to perform on the stage.While the foreigners cooking their native traditional food, the food attracted so many people to come and have a try, Vietnam Curry Samosa and Turkey kebabs drew much attention.Finally, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Botswana won the top three welcome tasty food prize by vote.

The activity not only offered a platform of interaction and communication between the peoples from different nations,but also develop students' competence in acquiring an international outlook.


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