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Culture communication in Teahouse
Date:2015-12-22  Click:

In order to promote friendship and culture communication between different countries, on 6th, Nov, we held the second English Salon in Dayi Teahouse. Students and teachers from all over the world came together and shared their stories. They also acknowledged the special impacts of this activity, to enhance communication and learn more about other countries

The English Salon took Chinese culture as a bridge to enhance our friendship with foreign students. After we analyzed the problems of last year, and with the help of English Association, the Second English Salon was a great success. School of International Education(SIE) is the only faculty with both foreign students and Chinese students in Wuhan Sports University, therefore, we are responsible for the construction of culture diversity. Thus, the leaders and Students Union are devoted to making Culture Salon and International Culture Week better and stronger, to impressing the whole school with its culture diversity, to improving the reputation of the SIE, to make foreign students be proud of the SIE. With the participation of foreign students, the School of International Education will become more international and colorful!

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