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Interview of Foreign Student(Indonesia )
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Indonesia , officially the Republic of Indonesia,is a sovereign island country in Southeast Asia and Oceania.Indonesia is the largest island country in the world by the number of islands, with more than seventeen thousand islands.Indonesia has an estimated population of over 255 million people and is the world'sfourth most populouscountry.The nation's capital city is Jakarta. The country shares land borders with Papua New Guinea,East Timor, and Malaysia.Governors of Indonesia accepted foreign culture, religion and political pattern. Once there has beena thrivingof Buddhist and Hindu kingdom.Muslim businessmen brought the Islam into Indonesia ,European powersintroduce Christianism into Indonesia. After 350 years’ruling by Dutch Colonial Empire, Indonesia declared independence after the World WarII.

Agam, a foreign student from Indonesia received the interview.

At first I knew nothing about Agam. Our first meeting was quite embarrassing and awkward. At that day, I knocked at his door a few times , but nobody answered. So I wandered in the corridor forth and back. Suddenly, a man standing at the staircase asked me:“who are you?”.“I want to interview the foreign student from Indonesia.”I replied.

He and the woman who was standing by him laughed loudly. In fact, he is the owner of that room, Agam. Later, I knew that that woman is his wife. Agam invited me to his room and told me that I could call him by his Chinese name: Yao Xiaoming. He and his wife are very friendly. They treated me with the typical Indonesian tea which is full of delicate taste. It was Agam who made me know Indonesia, a wonderful country..

He told me that Indonesia consists of millions of islands. Java, an island where he lives in, has the largest population. There are many ethnic Chinesein Indonesia, so he made fun that maybe my great great great grandpa had once been to there.

Agam is a Muslim. Most people believe in Islam in Indonesia, many temples and palaces were built for people to worship.LesserBairamis a very important Muslim holiday, equivalent to the Chinese New Year.

Their staple food is rice, corn and sago and the residents living in the east of the island get food form a kind of special tree. They are fond of the flavor of chili. I also told by Agam that Indonesia is a biodiversity hotpot, everything shows the vitality all year round.

With laughter and the fragrance of tea wafing around the room, time passed quickly. At the time to leave, he told me that he would live in room during the next three years, I could visit him anytime.

Long live our friendship.

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