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The first Enrollment education activities of the Chinese government scholarship students
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The first Enrollmenteducation activitiesof theChinese government scholarship students

On September 27th, the enrollment education for freshmen was held in 101 conference room. The leaders of Institute of International education and 12 foreign students formPakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Lithuania, Turkey, Syria, Ecuador took part inthis enrollmenteducation.Foreign students took the advantage of thisoccasionto consult specific mat

ters and enhance the relationshipbetweenthestaff.

On behalf of theInstitute, Secretary ofInstituteGeneral Branch, Mr.Tian,expresseda warm welcometo all foreign students. At the same time, he put forward a series of specific requirementsand best wishes which encouraged them to cherish the studying opportunity in Wuhan Sports University andstrengthenthe international friendship. Dean of the Institute, Mrs.Yang introduced the basic information of curriculum and students management. With the questions from freshmen, Mrs.Yangrespondedto them instantly. In the meeting, foreign students also delivered their own opinions and suggestionsin teaching, accommodation, visa and daily managementaffairs.

In recent years, our college attaches great importance to foreign exchange and cooperation, established good relations of cooperation with nearly 60 foreign and overseas education sports institutions successively, andachievedconcrete results.In 2014, our College hasreceived approval toenrollthe Chinese government scholarship students. Up to September 20th, the first group student ofChineseGovernmentScholarshipwas enrolled successfully. By means ofenrollmenteducation ,foreignstudentsimprovedtheunderstanding of Chinese laws and regulations of the school. It boosted the sense of belonging and established thefoundationof studying in school for foreign students.

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