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The Chinese government scholarship overseas students: Visit Wudang Mountains and Experience Taoism culture
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On April 13th, Under the guidance of the teachers of Institute of International Education,The Chinese government scholarship overseas students went into Wudang Mountains, experience Taoism culture, learn Wudang martial arts, seeking the charming of the mountain.

As soon as they arrived the Wudang Mountain, they went to the Wudang Taoist Kung Fu club firstly. The master Gu Shiyi in the club introduce the Taoist spirit and category to all of us and teach us how to differ Wudang from Shaolin. Wudang Mountain as the hometown of China's ancient civilization of Taoism, is known to home and abroad. The foreign students wereattracted deeply by Chinese culture and raised a lot of questions.

The next day, the foreign students visited many spots led by Mater Gu, the more they visit, the deeper they got to understand the Taoism culture. Some students even worship Wudang and Taoism to show the respect from their inner heart.

In the last day, the Master Gu taught the foreign student Taichi, and practice the movements with them in flesh. Taosim puts great stress on a person’s moral development and regards virtue as an important mark of a person’s character.The master demanded everyone collect the spirit inside, reduce thoughts and demonstrated heavy gas to complete shape and coordination. The spirit of Taoism such as quiet, natural, simple, soft, hard, as good as water was present in Taichi. (Lao-Tzu,a famous Chinese philosopher brought the idea of the water goodness to Taoism and thought that the most beautiful character and noblest sentiments should be like water, bringing benefit to all things and never asking for anything.)

The 3-day culture experience finished so quickly, however, the pleasant atmosphere of Chinese traditional culture learning and experience will keep in every students’’ hearts. Mei-yu, an international students from Turkey even expressed that she want to stay there. It not only cultivate the students’ interest in Chinese culture, deepens students' understanding of Chinese culture and cognition.

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