Hubei provincial government scholarship

Chapter 1 General

The first is to encourage the students of family economic difficulties in general colleges and universities to study hard and work hard to help them to complete their studies successfully, according to the provisions of the national scholarship management approach, the establishment of the Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as the provincial government scholarship), and the system set this approach.

Article 2 the provincial government scholarship is the people's Government of Hubei Province to family economic difficulties and deserving of ordinary higher school full-time school college students provide free financing.

Third provincial government scholarships by the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial education department is responsible for organizing the implementation of.

The second chapter is the financing object and application conditions

Article 4 the provincial government scholarship funding target is the province's provincial colleges and universities in the family economic difficulties, deserving of full-time college students (including then admitted freshmen).

Fifth basic conditions for the application of the provincial government scholarship:

1, love the socialist motherland, support the leadership of the Communist Party of china;

2, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, good personality;

3, family economic difficulties, a frugal life;

4, study hard, good grades;

5, physical health.

Article 6 colleges and universities should be in accordance with the conditions to apply the provisions of Article 5 of the present measures, the school of Yunnan provincial government scholarship evaluation measures are formulated, according to the specific circumstances of the students family economic status, ideology and moral character, learning achievement, rules and regulations, and to apply for Provincial Government Scholarship students evaluation.

Third chapter provincial government scholarship fund amount

Seventh Provincial government scholarships to set up the first prize, two, and two grades. First prize scholarship gold standard is 3000 yuan; two, 2000, etc.. (Note: since 2005, the provincial government scholarship to expand the scope of funding, the addition of the provincial government grants, scholarships will no longer be divided into one or two and other awards. The provincial government scholarship standard is 2000 yuan, a one-time payment of the school; the provincial government grants standard of 400 yuan, issued in 10 months.

Eighth students awarded the provincial government scholarship award winners.

Fourth chapter: the application and evaluation of the provincial government scholarship

Ninth provincial government scholarship application and assessment time and national scholarship synchronization, each year in October began accepting applications, the end of the year before the end of 12.

Tenth colleges and universities are responsible for the organization of the provincial government scholarship application acceptance and recommendation. Students may apply for the application in accordance with the provisions of the present Measures fifth to apply for (can be applied for years), and fill in the "Hubei provincial government scholarship application form" (three copies).

Eleventh provincial government scholarship recommended review procedures:

1, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial education department in accordance with the provincial government scholarship funds and the number of colleges and universities in the number of schools, according to the proportion of the provincial government to determine the number of provincial government scholarships. The number of students in Colleges and universities is appropriate to tilt the number of students in Colleges and universities. Each year in September 1 days, will be recommended to the number of colleges and universities.

2, after the fall of the school, the higher school should be the provincial government scholarships and the application conditions of the announcement, the organization to meet the conditions of the students apply for procedures. Students in accordance with the requirements of the school to submit individual application materials, the school in accordance with the provisions of this approach and the school to develop the evaluation method of assessment work.

3, the annual October 31, school is in accordance with the province issued a few places were equal to recommend, to the list of students and the application list (in duplicate copies of three) submitted to the provincial education department.

4, the provincial finance department, the Provincial Education Department of the organization of the evaluation group, the school recommended student materials for verification. Each year in November 30 days ago, the provincial education department will receive a list of the provincial government scholarships to notify the school. If students do not meet the conditions of the award, the school will no longer recommend other students. Balance incentive funds transferred to the next year to co-ordinate the use of.

5, the winners of the "Hubei provincial government scholarship application form" by the provincial education department and the school of the retained one, and the other into the students' personal files. Provincial Department of Finance retained by the Hubei provincial government scholarship student list for the record table.

The fifth chapter is the provincial government scholarship and the issuance and supervision

Twelfth in accordance with the approved student number and grade, the Provincial Department of education in the end of each year will be awarded the award of funds allocated to the University, the university awarded to the winners.

Thirteenth provincial government scholarships to implement publicity system, each university should be in accordance with the principle of open, fair and impartial evaluation and recommendation work. In the provincial education department recommended before, to the evaluation results and to recommend the list of students to the school to carry out publicity, publicity time is not less than a week. To prevent unwholesome tendencies, to resort to deceit behavior.

Article 14 colleges and universities must strictly enforce the provisions of the relevant state financial regulations and these measures, the provincial government scholarship to earmarking, appropriated funds after a week issued to the sponsored students shall not be withheld, misappropriated, and diverted. Financial and educational departments to check and supervise the use of incentive funds.

Fifteenth in order to strengthen the management of the provincial government scholarship, the provincial finance department, the provincial education department in charge of the leadership and the relevant personnel to form a leading group, responsible for the assessment of scholarship.

The sixth chapter is attached

Sixteenth this approach by the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial education department is responsible for the explanation.

Article seventeenth of these Measures shall come into effect as of September 1, 2003.

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