Chinese Government Scholarship


1. Living allowance standards for full scholarship students per month (RMB):

providede according to the China Scholarship Council stipulation.

2. Scholarship students shall receive their living allowance monthly since the day of enrollment. Freshmen who register on or before the 15thday of each

month will receive full living allowance of that month; those who register

after the 15thday of each month shall receive half of the living allowance of

that month. After the university confirms the graduate date, graduates will

receive additional allowance for another half month. Students, who suspend

the study, withdraw or complete the schooling and return to their countries

will not receive their living allowance since the following month. Scholarship students will also receive their living allowance for holidays prescribed by the university. If a scholarship student does not come for registration on time

without application, leaves the campus or is absent from class for more than one month due to reasons irrelevant to health problems, he/she shall not

receive his/her living allowance of that month.

3. Scholarship students shall sign in monthly at the IES during two days of the weekday from 21st——26theach month, based on which the university shall

distribute their monthly living allowance. Scholarship shall be transferred by

the IES to international students’ bank accounts, and students can draw the money with their bank cards.

4. Chinese government scholarship students, who have studied in this

university for more than one academic year or want to apply for scholarship

extension after the initial schooling finishes, must take part in the

assessment of scholarship every year. Scholarship students shall fill in the

Form for Annual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status made by

the China Scholarship Council before May 10 every year. A committee of

delegates from the IES, Teaching Affairs Department,


Graduate Administrative Department shall be set up to assess the

international students’ transcript, attendance, learning attitude, performance, awards and punishments. The university shall submit results of assessment to the China Scholarship Council which decides whether or not to continue the applicant’s financial support. The university shall inform the decision to the students. For detailed information of content and criteria of assessment, see the assessment notice of that year.

5. A student who has been suspended for the Chinese Government Scholarship shall no longer enjoy it since the beginning of next academic year, but can still apply for the extension of study in this university at his/her own expense. Before the expiration, he/she can attend the annual review of the year upon his/her own application. If qualified, he/she can renew his/her scholarship from the next academic year with the approval of the China Scholarship Council. Anyone who fails to apply for the scholarship within time limit shall be regarded as voluntary dropout or self-funded student, and cannot apply for renewing scholarship. Those who have been disqualified from Chinese Government Scholarship shall be cut off the scholarship upon promulgation and their qualification to enjoy Chinese Government Scholarship shall not be reinstated.

6. Chinese Government Scholarship students who fail to complete the schooling during the prescribed period and need to continue their study shall bear the extra expense by themselves.

7.A scholarship student who requests experiment or internship which is not included in teaching plan shall bear the cost on his/her own.

8.A Government Scholarship student who getsOutstanding Achievement Award for two successive years and is recommended by his/her tutor for a higher degree can apply to the China Scholarship Council for the Chinese Government Scholarship for Distinguished International Students through theIES.

9.A scholarship student who has been found suffering from disease which is not allowed to enter China according to Chinese laws and regulations shall return to his/her own country immediately, and pay the homeward passage on his/her own. If a scholarship student suffers from a serious disease and needssuspensionofschooling, he/she shall go back to his/her own country to recuperate, and bear the homeward passage. A student who suspends his/her schooling with the approval of the university and the China Scholarship Council can have his/her scholarship qualification retained for at most one year, and his/her scholarship shall be suspended during the suspension. If a scholarship student suspends his/her schooling for other reasons, his/her scholarship position shall not be retained.

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