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Reservation for Train Tickets and Flight Tickets

Train and plane are ideal vehicles for long-distance travel in China. Generally, there are four grades in train: hard seat, soft seat, hard sleeper and soft sleeper; there are also three grades in plane: economy class, business class and first class. Many Chinese and foreign tourists would like to choose economical and comfortable hard sleeper or economy class. Ticket-delivery-to-doorsteps service is generally available in train and flight ticket agency. As an international student, you can also enjoy the preferential price of air ticket which varies with the seasons. The telephone number of ticket agency on campus is 008627-88386887.


(1) Wuchang railway station: Take No.518 Bus to Majiazhuang Bus Stop.

(2) Hankou Railway Station: Take Subway Line 2 to Guangbutun and transfer to any of No. 510, 518, 702, 536, 709, 59, 401 Bus to Majiazhuang or take No. 536 Bus to Majiazhuang Bus Stop from Hankou Railway Station.

(3) Wuhan Railway Station: Take Subway Line 4 to Hongshan Square and transfer to Line 2 to Guangbutun, then take any of No. 510, 518, 702, 536, 709, 59, 401 Bus to Majiazhuang. Or you many take No.540 Bus to Dingziqiao and then transfer to No.583 to Majiazhuang.

(4) Fujiapo Coach Station: Take No.593 Bus to the Majiazhuang.

(5) Wuhan Tianhe Airport: Take airport limousine to Fujiapo coach station and then transfer to No.593 Bus to the Majiazhuang; or you may take airport limousine to Guanggu and then take a taxi to the university.

Tips: 2 Yuan fuel surcharge is needed besides the amount shown on the meter when you take a taxi in Wuhan.




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