Regulations on the Apartment Management

International apartments are the resident places specially provided for international students. The regulations are formulated as follows:

(1) International students who hold ordinary passports and enroll in our school shall live in principle in international apartments designated for them. They are required to fill in the Accommodation Registration Form and go through the formalities with their passports and letters of admission and with the permission of the IES

(2) Accommodation of international student is uniformly arranged by the IES and Apartment Administration of International Students.

(3) Government scholarship students who want a separate room for special reasons shall submit a written application to the IES.

(4) International students should abide by the accommodation regulations of the university; obey the arrangement of the IES and apartment administrative personnel; live in the assigned room without changing, subleasing or encroaching.

(5) Males and females, without legal marital relations, shall not live in one room.

(6) Rent rate refers to the Rate of International Student Apartment. International students need to pay the rent in RMB when registering.  

(7) Do not lodge visitors. If it were family members, please get the permission of the IES.

   (8) When students quit school, apartment administrative personnel shall check the articles and facilities in the room. If there is pollution, damage or loss of articles, administrative section shall deduct the damages from scholarship by the article.    

(9) Dropouts or students who have finished study shall checkout within 10 days. If not, administrative section shall not provide preferential rooms; instead, it shall charge the room at market price.

   (10) Students shall keep room keys by themselves. If the key is lost, student shall immediately notify administrative personnel, register and pay the duplicate fee. Hand in keys when checking out (privately changing keys of rooms or installing door bells is forbidden).

(11) Electric stove or other electric heating devices are forbidden. Installing and reconstructing circuit is prohibited. Dangerous articles such as inflammable, explosive, virulent and radioactive articles can not be brought into apartments. Students shall not set off fireworks in apartment or beside windows, and shall obey fireproofing rules and prevent fires.

(12) Students shall keep quiet in apartment; do not engage in such activities as dancing, shouting loudly, and playing music which affect others’ study and rest.

(13) Students shall keep apartment clean inside and outside; do cleaning regularly, pay attention to personal hygiene and keep the surroundings tidy and clean. No pets, birds and livestock feeding are allowed in the apartment.

(14) Students shall not stack private articles in corridors, scribble or paste on walls.

(15) Students shall save energy sources, obey the regulations on electricity and water usage.

(16) Basic apartment facilities include bed, mattress, writing desk, chairs, wardrobe, and bookshelf, reading lamp, fridge, TV set, air conditioner , shower and electric kettle.

(17) Students shall take care of public properties and use them properly. Polluting, disassembling without permission and modifying are forbidden. Students shall pay the full price for anything damaged, and those who maliciously damage public properties will be punished in accordance with the seriousness of circumstances.

(18) Students shall not drink excessively in apartment, engage in illegal activities that violate Chinese laws and university regulations including proselytizing, fighting, gambling, drug taking, prostitution,  playing obscene videos, VCD, DVD, etc.

(19) Students shall willingly observe apartments work and rest schedule and visitor receiving regulations; return to apartment before 11:00 p.m. on weekday, before 12:00 p.m. on weekend. If there is special reason, students shall contact administrative personnel beforehand. Visitor receiving time: 9:00a.m to 10:00p.m. A visitor needs to present a valid certification, register and fill in a visiting list; then shall be taken into the apartment after the visitor leaves his/her certificate by the student being visited, and can get back the certificate when he/she leaves. Anyone who has no certificate shall not be allowed in. If staffs of the university need to go into international apartment, he/she needs to present certificate without registration. When receiving visitors, one shall not make unpleasant noise that affect others’ life and study. Visitor shall leave apartment before 10:00p.m. If a visitor stays beyond the visiting schedule, administrative personnel have rights to notify the visitor; if a visitor doesn’t go through visitor receiving formalities and attempt to trespass, administrative personnel shall reject his/her entrance. For a visitor who makes a forcible entry into apartment, administrative personnel shall report to the security department of the university which will deal with the trespasser according to regulations.

(20) If administrative personnel need to enter students’ rooms, students shall provide cooperation, furthermore shall not place obstacles in their duty performance.

(21) Anyone who violates the regulations mentioned above shall suffer from disciplinary sanction.

Regulations on the Management of Out-school Lodging

(1) If international students who have checked in in the international student apartment need to live outside the university, they should go through the following formalities:

(i) Submit a written application to the IES and fill in the Registration Form for Out-School Lodging with the presence of the accommodation receipt.

(ii) Sign a leasing contract with the landlord.

()Submit the copy of the landlord’s identity card, phone number and the copy of the leasing contract to the IES.  

(iv) Go to the local police station in charge and fill in the Registration Form for Temporary Lodging

(v) Fill in some forms at the IES with the Registration Form for Temporary Lodging issued by the local police station.

(vi) Take all of the above materials to the Exit and Entry Management Office of Wuhan Public Security Bureau to go through the formalities of the address change of the residence permit.

 (2) International students who live outside shall be careful about the following issues:

(i) Keep yourself and property safe in case of illegal attack;

(ii) Use natural gas in a safe way;

(iii) Use electricity in a safe and legal way;

(iv)Beware of traffic security and obey the traffic rules.

(v) Keep in touch with the university and inform the IES in time if you change your address.

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