1. Educational System and Degree

The undergraduate program for international students takes 4 years. According to the Management Measures for Undergraduates’ Study of WSU (2015 version), international students applying for a Bachelor’s Degree shall complete their study in 4-6 years and the qualified students will get a bachelor’s degree.

2. Registration

International students who come up on the stage of academic program shall register at their respective departments/schools with the Notice of Study at Departments/Schools for International Students issued by the IES and four one-inch photos (used for student ID, admission card for examinations, and registration card)  and get the class timetable.

3. Curriculum and Credit

The program consists of general education courses, basic disciplinary courses, specialized courses, optional specialized courses and practical and experimental courses. The total credits are around 145. Students shall graduate after they complete the prescribed credits according to the teaching program, the details of which can be seen in Introduction to Teaching and Studying in Wuhan Sports University for information from corresponding programs.  

An international student must take the courses of Chinese Language and A General Introduction to China, instead of political theory courses and ethical courses and other general education courses taken by the Chinese students.  

4. Examination

Categories: There are two ways of assessment, namely, examination-oriented and participation-oriented). Scores of the examination-oriented courses are composed of a certain proportion of the final exam scores and a certain proportion of daily performance scores (the final exam scores and daily performance scores, calculated in certain proportion). There is no final exam for the participation-centered courses, and the scores are calculated based on the comprehensive assessment including classroom performance, homework, tests, pop quizzes and practice of the students.

Grading: For examination-centered courses, grading is by percentages, with 100 as the maximum grade; for participation-centered courses, there are five grades: Excellent, Good, Average, Passed and Failed. (Specific scores shall be decided by the lecturer or the Teaching and Research Section.)  

Scores of professional course examination shall consist of 30% of daily performance, 70% of final examination scores. Sports evnt related courses shall consist of 20% of daily performance, 40% of skill performance and 40% of examination scores.

5. Absence

Those who are absent from class over 30% of the total class hours of a course without asking for leave shall be disqualified for the examination or test of the course.

6. Absence from the Examination and Cheating

Those absent from an examination without reasons will get a ZERO for the course, and the record of those who cheat in an examination will be INVALID.

7. Thesis Defense

Graduation project (thesis) shall be evaluated by the Oral Defense Committee in accordance with the assessment of the project (thesis) and defense performance of students.

8. Retaking Courses

Those who fail to pass the examination of a course can retake the course twice at most; those who pass the examination of a course with scores less than 69 can apply for retaking the course for only once. Students who cannot retake the failed course due to the adjustment or revision of teaching plan, or fail to pass an examination of a course in the seventh semester, which is not available in the eighth semester, shall apply to re-sit before graduation. The higher scores of retaking (the re-sit) will be recorded.

9. Graduation and Degree Awarding

Upon the completion of all the courses in teaching plan, with all the examination and tests passed, undergraduate students will be allowed to graduate with the conferral of a graduation certificate. Those who are eligible to be granted a degree shall be awarded the corresponding degree according to the Regulations on Academic Degree of the People's Republic of China.

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