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Interview of foreign student (Sri Lanka)
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    Sri Lanka,once called Ceylon,officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka,is a tropical island country in South Asia,memberof the commonwealth countries.

Sri Lankare lies on plantation economy,is famous for its production and export Ceylon tea, which remains a trademark national export.With the process of economic liberalization, Sri Lanka economy increases at the continuously rapid rate.The role of modernportsofmining industryraisesthe strategic importance of the island as a centre of trade of gem. At the beginning of marke table economy, mining industry plays the predominated role, gem export achieves 500 million dollars per year.

Gihan and Suraj, foreign students from Indonesia received the interview.

“We believe in Buddhism. We always go to temple at our leisure time after taking bath.”, they told me. Sri Lanka still hasa fertilegroundtocultivatethe devout believersand sincere faith.“There is no fixed time for us to go temple, our atmosphere of religion is free.”Anotherstudentadded that,“We like to go to temple before we getting into bed.”

The best way to travel around Sri Lankais takinga ride ontrain. Theslowness of the train and the scenery of nature accomplish a harmonious song.Nuwara Eliya, a town of black tea, is known for its railway route.“The train is quite safe, so we can stretch our arms out of the window.”, They said .

Except train, Sri Lanka has elephant for transport.“We tame and protect elephants , so we build theorphanagetoprotectthem from danger.”Intheirview, elephants aretheirfaithful friend.

The typical food of Sri Lanka is curry. Combined with curry and coconut milk, the taste of food can long live in your memory. It remindedGihanandSurajof their mother land.“I like the mellow fragrance of curry added with coconut milk.Besides curry, we are also fond of drinking black tea. The flavor ofCeylontea is strong, so we put coconut milk and spicy black curry in it.”

Sri Lankais an island of magical proportions. One day you should discover refreshingly Sri Lankaby yourself.

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