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Indian youth and sports ministry secretary Ajit Mohan Sharan, and his delegation come to our college for visiting
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On April 30th, Indian Youth Delegation headed by Ajit Mohan Sharan, Sports Secretary in the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports.

In the morning, accompanied by vice secretary of party committee in our school Discipline inspection commission Lee gefei, and related personnel from the institute of international education and international office, Ajit and his delegation visited our school gym, Sino-Australian international golf center, small arena and stadium in turn.

In 2:00 pm, Vice secretary of Lee gefei held a welcome ceremony in room 315 of Administrative Building, showing the warm reception to the visiting Indian friends and hold a discussion.

Dean of the International education college Yang mei, vice secretary of party secretary Tian Zhihui Zhong Qiyu, Tian Zhaofeng, Pei pei and other relevant personnel attended the welcome ceremony and discussion.

During the meeting, vice secretary Lee gefei introduced the teaching history, achievements, and some general information of our college firstly. He said the China and India two countries as neighbors, there is a long history of friendly exchanges between the two countries, and we also has maintained communication and cooperation in sports between the two countries. Our school has sent the coaches to India's national table tennis team to teach, the Indian youth delegation also have visited our school last year in May. At present, our college seek establishment of multi-channel and various forms of cooperation with India. He hopes that bilateral sides should strengthen exchanges and cooperation continuously, to enhance understanding and jointly push forward the development of physical education of the two countries.

Ajit Mohan Sharan want to know about issues such as short training programs between the foreign sports team and our school, Vice secretary of Lee gefei answered his questions one by one. The Mr. Ajit expressed that they can learn the sports development experience from Wuhan sports University, to promote the development of sports undertakings in India. At the same time hope that through with our school signed a memorandum of understanding, to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between each other. At last, he said, while the visiting is less than a day, but the beautiful scenery, attractive campus activities and perfect sports facilities in our campus impressed him a lot, but even more touched by the warm reception of our school.

The visiting provides a good opportunity for our school to deepen exchanges and cooperation with Southeast Asian countries for further development, and also enhance our school's international reputation, broaden the teachers' and students' horizon of international vision.

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