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Our college was qualified for cultivated Chinese government scholarship students
Date:2015-12-22  Click:

According to the official missive released by international cooperation and exchanges department of education ministry, Our College have received approval to cultivate the Chinese government scholarship students enrolled by contract.

The qualification of cultivate the Chinese government scholarship students is life tenure, and 14 colleges were approved this time. With the great support of our school leaders and the careful preparation and hard work of international office and the institute of international education, our college successfully obtain the qualification for cultivate the Chinese government scholarship students.

In recent years, our college attaches great importance to foreign exchange and cooperation, established good relations of cooperation with nearly 60 overseas education sports institutions successively, and yielded concrete results. Meanwhile, foreign students’ education also realized leap-forward development, we already have a mature foreign students education and management system along with perfect-set facilities and complete workshop. Up till now, we has accepted the long-term foreign students from German, Singapore, Columbia, Vietnam, Madagascar, etc. Record of formal schooling education levels including undergraduate master's graduate students and doctoral students. Besides, nearly hundred athletes from Vietnam and other countries come to our school for short-term learning and training every year. The qualification, fully reflects that, the ministry of education shows the recognition and affirmation for foreign student's education work, the comprehensive strength and the level of running a school.

It is also a good opportunity for our school enhance the level of education internationalization and expand foreign influence, to provide opportunities and possibilities for more outstanding foreign students to study in our college. At the same time, it also expand international exchanges space and cooperation with other places, push to achieve the goals of being the domestic first-class and international famous sports university.

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